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Vanishing Point -The City Island Rec Center lost forever if City Pursues Demolition

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The City Island Rec Center Located On Orange Avenue In Daytona Beach Florida.

"This is a historical building in Daytona Beach, that is not past the "point of no return"!  Anyone who went to high school here up to the '80s will remember the weekend teen dances that were held there.  Lots of great memories are from those times. The group Save Our Neighborhoods held their meetings in that building for many years. We need to preserve whatever historical buildings are left in Daytona Beach!  There has been a streak of "tear it down and build new" when preserving our history would be a better course to take.  Thank you, Anne Ruby, for stepping up to save this building."  Sincerely,  Ruth Sidow

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