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Vanishing Point - The Campbell Hotel Is In Danger Of Fading into History

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The Campbell Hotel located in Daytona Beach Florida

During the Jim Crow era, African Americans wishing to sleepover in Daytona Beach had limited options: stay with a friend or relative, in a black boarding house or one of the few hotels in Daytona Beach that were owned by blacks. The Campbell Hotel was owned by Minnie Wiggins Campbell and Leigh Campbell during the 1950's. The structure, also known as the Engram building, housed the Stardust Nightclub as well.

The Stardust hosted many black jazz artists during this era. It wasn't until after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that blacks would freely be admitted to the many hotels, motels, restaurants, and clubs that populated Daytona Beach. With the integration however, establishments such as the Campbell Hotel quickly passed into history. Today the world-famous Campbell Hotel, located in Daytona Beach on Dr. Mary McLeod Boulevard, is badly in need of renovation. Like many other iconic African American landmarks in the south, the Campbell Motel a black history site, is in danger of quietly vanishing away.

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