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Local Historic Designation Needed from the City of Daytona Beach, Meeting at City Hall 9/17 at 6PM

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Dr. Fatimah Fanusie, Historian for the Howard Thurman Home addressed the Daytona Beach Historic Preservation Board meeting on Tuesday.

Local historians, church members and citizens interested in preserving the Black Heritage of Daytona Beach came and spoke at the Historic Preservation Board meeting on Tuesday, August 20th at Daytona Beach City Hall. The Historic Preservation Board meeting takes place the Third Tuesday of every month at 6pm at City Hall.

"Many of our historic icons are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)," said Dr. Fatimah Fanusie Historian for the Howard Thurman Home. "Sadly, many of them are at risk of loss due to high repair and restoration costs. If NRHP listed properties also have the 'Local Register' listing from the City of Daytona Beach, they could be eligible for up to a $500K grant to save our local treasures.

Without City Local Historic Designation, places like Mt. Bethel Baptist Church, and Howard Thurman's Home in the Southwest Daytona Beach Black Heritage District , cannot apply for these needed funds.

Support is also needed for saving the Campbell Hotel – the only listing still standing in our city from the 1956 Green Book for Negro Travelers!," said Dr. Fanusie.

"Recently, we saw the demolition of the Freemason Lodge on South Street that was part of the Black Heritage District & Trail that could not apply for these special funds either. The

Historic Preservation Board has the authority to nominate Districts to the Local Register (LDC: 2.4B.3)," she said.

"National Register Historic Districts have ALREADY been surveyed, inventoried and have mapped boundaries on record. They have been vetted by the Federal Government as worthy.

Now all that needs to happen is the existing Federal record be accepted and adopted locally," said Dr. Fanusie.

Community members support is critical, and citizens are being asked to attend the next meeting on September 17 at 6pm at City Hall to remind the Historic Preservation Board of their responsibilities and duties to the Community! (LDC: 2.4A; 2.4B1b; 2.4B1f).

Please bring a friend to this meeting and be ready to speak out against ANY push back of giving the Midtown Community the long overdue recognition it deserves to PROTECT OUR HERITAGE! See you there.

Among the supporters were members of the Mount Bethel Church in Daytona Beach, along with Chris Daun, Chairman of the Halifax Heritage Scenic Byway, Dr.Joanne Pinkston- Mcduffie and local historian Dr. Leonard Lempel.

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