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Weathering The Covid-19 Pandemic In Florida

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COVID numbers: Volusia County's COVID cases are up 308.1% over previous weeks as Florida cases surge. The number of COVID-19 patients at Halifax Health hospitals in Volusia County have more than doubled since last Sunday, according to hospital officials, following the increased number of cases brought on the Omicron variant.

Halifax Health on Tuesday reported 40 COVID-19 patients across it's three hospitals, seven of whom are in the ICU, according to hospital spokesman John Guthrie.

The hospital system experienced its peak number of COVID-19 related hospitalizations during the Delta variant surge on Aug. 19 with 180 patients.

Advent Health Central Florida Division, which operates hospitals across seven Florida counties, including five in Volusia and Flagler, reported 480 COVID-19 hospitalizations on Monday — a 231% increase from the 145 hospitalizations across the division reported a week prior.

Of those, 95 are in the five hospitals in Volusia and Flagler counties, according to the hospital system. That's a 137% increase since last week's report of 40 hospitalizations.

The hospital system did not provide updated numbers Tuesday. The hospital system reported its peak COVID-19 patient load Aug. 22 with 1,700 across the division; the local hospitals reached their peak on Aug. 19 with 465.

Flagler Hospital in St. Johns County, which often serves Flagler County residents, had 27 COVID-19 patients on Tuesday, up from the 21 reported on Monday, according to the hospital system's COVID-19 dashboard.

Of those patients, four are in the ICU, according to the dashboard. Of those admitted to the hospital with COVID-19, 33.3% are unvaccinated. COVID hospitalizations in Florida

Across Florida, 6,914 inpatient beds and 766 ICU beds from 230 reporting hospitals were in use by a COVID-19 patient on Tuesday, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

That accounts for nearly 13% of inpatient beds and 12.5% of ICU beds across those reporting hospitals, according to HHS.

Statewide, more than 78% of inpatient beds and nearly 75% of ICU beds were in use Tuesday, HHS reported.

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