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The Wanda S. And Janice M. Wilson Foundation.

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Mr. Rufus L. Wilson Sr. is the CEO and founder of the Wanda S. and Janice M. Wilson Foundation.

Photo By: Duane C. Fernandez Sr. / Hardnotts Photography L.L.C.

Story By: Duane C. Fernandez Sr.

Mr. Rufus L. Wilson Sr. and Janice M. Wilson are the Founders of the Wanda S. and Janice M. Wilson Foundation. The Mission of the Foundation is to further the legacy and vision of two exceptional women, or beloved mentors and educators. Mr. Wilson carries the torch of two phenomenal women. The foundation is guided by the sterling examples to motivate, mentor, and empower students and teachers toward leading lives that are fully and intentionally lived.

The Wanda and Janice Wilson Foundation is a Florida, Volusia County base Non-Profit Organization dedicated to fund-raising and providing academic endowments. They provide opportunities and scholarships to select deserving individuals at High Schools and University levels rewarding students and teachers alike. They strive to, "do good, be rich in good works, be generous and ready to share, and leave our mark on the community. "

The month of January is the Wilson Foundations Great Give event. The foundation is also the feature organization for the, Winn - Dixie Community Bag Program for the Winn-Dixie located at 4025 Nova Road in Port Orange Florida.

For more information about these programs please watch the video.

For more information on the foundation and how to support, please visit the website

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