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The Time Has Come for Change In America

Community Healing Project Founder Rell Black Leads Protesters in Daytona Beach, Florida

For the first time in 50 years, America has truly united and rallied behind a singular cause. This past week has been the start a historic cultural movement. Two weeks ago George Floyd was murdered by a police officer who put his knee on Mr Floyd's throat for almost nine minutes. All around the world several massive nonviolent protests have erupted.  In this country from Washington, D.C. to Florida, the greatest country in the world has truly been brought to its knees. We have witnessed police and the national guard responding to the peaceful protests and some non-peaceful protests and looting with violence in the midst of this ongoing epidemic.  Black men are being murdered by police officers daily and up until this point we had become used to this tragedy. However, in 2020 activists are standing up around the world to say enough is finally enough.  This past weekend, my organization hosted two peaceful protest demonstrations. The first, on Friday, had about 25 attendees of all ages and we marched along Derbyshire Blvd . However, on Sunday we truly made history when more than 300 attendees came to protest. We had volunteers and attendees of all ages, races, sizes, religions, and genders standing in solidarity to bring awareness to the lives of the thousands of victims of police brutality, social injustice and racial injustice in this country. We matched from International Speedway all the way to City Hall.

While our demonstration remained vigilant and peaceful, I was injured due to an

auto incident with a driver. Despite that surprise, we ended up truly making an

impact and made a clear statement around the world. As we move forward we will continue to talk about all of these issues and meet some of our community leaders. Tune in every

Wednesday at 6:00 PM for an all-new episode of

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