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The Rell Black Facebook Live show Episode #11 With Special Guest Dr. Delicia Haynes

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Dr. Delicia M. Haynes

This week's episode of "The Rell Black Show" featured another great discussion. Last week's episode featured Dr. Delicia Haynes, founder of Family First Health Center, a public health clinic in Volusia County. Dr. Haynes briefly touched on her family's military background and her inspiration for becoming a health official. Our discussion was focused mostly on the local effects of the current Coronavirus pandemic. At this current time, there are 1100 cases in Florida. Dr. Haynes advised that the best ways to prevent infection are to constantly wash your hands, limit your contact with people, and drink plenty of water. At this time, there are no reported deaths in Volusia County due to this infectious disease. She stated that taking these extra precautions can eliminate the spread immediately. "Washing your hands, not only keeps you safe, it can potentially keep you alive."

Tune in every Wednesday at 6:00 PM for a new episode of "The Rell Black Show" on Facebook for original content.

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