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The Killing Of Rayshard Brooks In Atlanta Georgia

Just a few weeks after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota, another senseless killing of a black man has taken place. Rayshard Brooks, of Atlanta Georgia was shot and killed after a scuffle with with Atlanta Police. The police were called to a local Wendy's restaurant about a man sleeping in his car while he was in line at the drive through window. Mr. Brooks was approached by police and he was given a sobriety test by an officer. The sobriety test showed that he was intoxicated. After Mr. Brooks had spoke with the officers for what appeared to be about forty five minutes, the police decided to arrest him.

Mr. Brooks could be heard asking the officers to allow him to walk to his sisters home. The police attempted to take Mr. Brooks into custody. He resisted and began to wrestle with the officers and was able to get away, as the officers were attempting to use a taser on him. Mr. Brooks rustled the taser away from one of the officers and began to run away. A foot pursuit began between the police and Mr. Brooks. The officer chasing Mr. Brooks fired his taser at Mr. Brooks. Mr. Brooks looked back and fired the taser at the officer in pursuit. The officer ducked behind a vehicle as he drew his service revolver and fired three time at Mr. Brooks striking him two times in the back. Mr. Brooks died at the hospital.

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