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The Halifax Heritage Byway

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

In 2009, community advocates from the Halifax River Region came together to seek designation as a Florida Scenic Highway/Heritage Classification for a 35-mile corridor located in Volusia County, including Ponce Inlet, Wilbur-by-the-Sea, Daytona Beach Shores, Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, and Ormond Beach.

The Halifax Heritage Byway incorporates 3 distinct Loops:

In-Town Loop Riverside Loop Oceanside Loop

The concept for the Byway came from the numerous villages (with Main Street areas) that collectively became Daytona Beach, Holly Hill and Ponce Inlet. (See historic maps)

A corridor advocacy group was formed to develop the required Eligibility application, which was approved in 2012. Since then the Halifax Heritage Byway Organization has worked to complete the required designation process through the establishment of guiding principles including Mission Statement, Vision and Goals, cataloguing intrinsic resources located within the corridor viewshed, educating elected officials on the value of a designation, and working to build a grass-roots organization dedicated to the region’s heritage and economic vitality.

The Halifax Heritage Byway is approximately 35 miles of roadway that showcases the natural beauty and historical resources that Volusia County has to offer. This effort will encourage economic development by offering new opportunities for local businesses and enhancing the travel experience throughout the entire county. We believe this designation will benefit the local tourism industry and enhance the region for generations to come.

The Halifax Heritage Byway project will create a solid plan for our area to make tangible improvements to our roadway landscaping, parks and beachfronts; create new Urban and Scenic Trails; enhance our boating and birding Trails; document our rich history, heritage and cultures – all of which will offer new opportunities for existing local and new potential businesses, improve the quality of life for residents, as well as offer new opportunities for Heritage and Eco Tourism that will attract new visitors from all over the world. This project will (hopefully) offer real estate stability through planned community projects, to attract new investment opportunities for each of our communities.


It is the mission of the Halifax Heritage Byway Organization to advocate for and advance the rich multicultural heritage and enhance economic prosperity for the Halifax River region.


It is the vision of the byway organization that community interests have generated an atmosphere that respects and honors over 300 years of history in the Halifax River region, and that this understanding of the past has become part of the region’s foundation for balanced decision making in the future.

Additionally, the byway organization visualizes a community that understands the importance of the byway, establishes partnerships that ensure that the regional stories are told and made available to those who value what it has to offer, and that all who visit the region have the opportunity to experience these stories at a pace and in a manner that fits their interests.

Defining Values

Promote and protect the rich multicultural heritage, recreational opportunities, andnatural beauty of the Halifax River region.Help build a vibrant local economy.Maintain strong partnerships with other community groups that have similar interests.Work to establish a Byway experience that encourages visitors to return again and again.Encourage local leaders that Heritage, Recreational and Eco-Tourism are economic drivers for our communities that also helps to create/expand quality of life amenities for both residents and visitors.

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