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The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Claimed 37,938 Deaths In America Thus Far

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic Testing Stations Are Setup Across America As The Body Counts Continue To Rise.

The United States death rate continues to rise with the Coronavirus Pandemic. To date, America has a total of 726,645 Americans infected as the death toll continues to rise with 37,938 deaths to this day. President Trump rolled out his plan to open up the country. Many of the states are against the president's plan citing its flaws. Jacksonville's residents are a prime example of what can happen when the rules of social distancing aren't followed.

There have been protests across the country asking for more help from the Federal Government. Many Americans are fed up with the progress in their American states. Just one percent of Americans have been screened for the Coronavirus.

More and more Americans are facing hardships with over 20, 000,000 people filing for unemployment as the National Guard, churches, non-profits, and food banks across the country feed families. In Volusia County and across Florida students are delivered their lunch meals by the school bus drivers daily as they stay home and attend class online. Children will not be back in school until September.

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