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The 19th Annual Jeep Beach Week In Daytona Beach Boost The Economy

Destination Daytona Beach - the World’s Most Famous Beach became the area's location for Jeep enthusiasts as the city played host to over 20,000 Jeep owners. Known as Jeep Beach,

the annual weeklong gathering drew an estimated 200,000 visitors and 20,000 specific vehicles.

The event is good for the economy as chosen charities, hotels, motels, restaurants, novelty, stores, night clubs, and other businesses in Daytona Beach and Volusia County benefit from this event. Many of the hotels were booked solid for the event, especially in its closing weekend. Jeep Beach enthusiasts booked hotel rooms for the weekend, which made business great for all businesses in the town, according to hotel leaders.

The date for next year’s 20th anniversary edition of the event is set for April 23-30, 2023.

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