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Hidden Treasures, Find the Crystal That Speaks to You!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Ms. Terril Bates, the business owner of "Find the Crystal That Speaks to You!

Mrs. Terril Bates is the owner of "That Crystal Place" located at 209 S. Halifax Ave. in Daytona Beach. We had a soft opening on Memorial Day but officially opened in the month of July. The crystals which come directly from the earth are generally imported from a family owned mine in Brazil. This helps us to know that they are ethically mined and sourced. I have had the opportunity to visit the mine and warehouse via video tours. The crystals are beautiful and come in all kinds of shoes, forms , and sizes. Some have very practical uses, such as coasters, wine stoppers and tables, Others are purely decorative, and still others are for the collector and those very familiar with the energy of crystals. There are some crystals more appropriate for your office, just like your attire, others better for your home and still others to provide comfort. They weigh a few ounces or a thousand pounds! The colors are a kaleidoscope. The crystal energy is amazing.

The use of crystals dates back to Biblical times when crystals like amethyst were embedded in the breast plates. We even have a variety of crystal skulls in recognition of our biker visitors. The store offers a very relaxed and comfortable environment. Our visitors to come in and enjoy the beauty of the crystals, the soothing ambiance and the friendly staff. . Visitors are encouraged to touch crystals, read about them and learn more about them.

For more information:

Mrs. Bates can be reached at: 480-395-9598

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