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Spring Weddings are in the air.

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Photos By: Duane C. Fernandez Sr. / Hardnotts Photography L.L.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan (Chanda Haywood) Durr were married on March Fourth 2021.

In the midst of Covid - 19 the "Covenant" of the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Morgan (Chanda Haywood) Durr was "Covered" by the Grace of God on March 04, 2021. The Union was manifested in Suburbia Park. The blessing ceremony was performed by the grooms farther, Morgan Durr Sr. The wedding was orchestrated and planned by both sides of the family who has now become one.

The family of the Bride and the Groom together.from left to right, Chad Haywood, Daisy Haywood, Chantel Haywood, Kinsley Durr Jr. Bride, Ja'myiah Barnes (Flower Girl), Chanda Durr Bride, Morgan Durr 3rd, Morgan Durr 2nd, Cynthia Durr Mother of the Groom, and Morgan Durr Sr. the Farther of the Groom.

Tonjal; Frost Daniley the (aunt of the groom)

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