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Princess Primrose goes to Washington DC

The book is written for elementary age children and promotes family togetherness, love and patience. It's the story of a young girl, Princess Primrose and how she learns patience while taking a trip with her mother. They both fly out to visit her father , who is away on a business trip in DC, to celebrate her 5th  birthday.  

Dr. Primrose Cameron is an educator, motivational speaker, empowerment coach and author who believes in the importance of community building and uplifting our children.  Dr. Primrose Cameron

In your new adventure as a new author of Princess Primrose goes to Washington DC how did you come up with this character? Actually, I have always wanted to be a writer since the 1st grade. I started with poetry and moved from there. In fact, I majored in English at Bethune Cookman in hopes to become a writer one day. For so long I was pushing others to achieve their dreams, I finally added myself to the list.

The character is a mini-me although it never took place when I was little. However, my parents have been married and together well over 45 years and I am a firm believer in the importance of a strong family unit whether traditional or not. I wanted children to know that they should be treated as a prince or princess and that the adults are there to love and take care of them. But also that there are lessons in life that must be learned at all ages whether good or bad. She has learned patience in this book, but there is so much more for her to learn. 


How do you hope her story will help our children? I  hope that it will inspire children to accept new learning and ask for help when necessary. Also, I hope that they know that they are loved and are beautiful in their natural form. Where can we get your book? The book is available on amazon or at any of my book signings. I also am available to speak and do a book reading for groups that are interested. 

Dr. Primrose Cameron

Olivia King posses with Author Dr. Primrose at book signing

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