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President Trump Comes To The Amway Center

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Sheriff Department Guards Win With Love Rally

Photographer Lance Rothwell attended President Trumps rally at the Amway Center in Downtown Orlando. This was the first stop for the 2020 Trump re-election for president rally kickoff. The line for Trump supporters stretched for more than a mile from the Amway Center through the streets of Downtown. Estimates show nearly 20,000 people made it inside the arena for a chance to hear President Trump's campaign speech.

Even though the Amway Center was the main attraction of the rally, the streets were very alive with people from both parties. Non-Trump supporters staged a “Win With Love” Protest took place about a half mile away in front of Stone Wall Bar near Church Street. The protest included speakers and performers along with many protesters holding signs. The "Baby Trump balloon" made an appearance at the protest after a GoFundMe campaign raised $3,900 in one day to help get the balloon to Orlando for the rally.

Orlando Police along with Osceola County sheriff 's department worked together to man roadblocks and to keep the peace between Trump protesters and the Trump supporters who made their way down to Stone Wall’s. Each group remained separated by a police line that surrounded the “Win With Love” event.

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