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Native Venezuela Artist Sarah Matthaei Exhibit Comes To The African American Museum Of The Arts

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Venezuela artist Sarah Matthaei exhibit comes to the African American Museum for the Arts.

Sarah Matthaei is a transformational, intuitive painter-teacher. She knew from the first time she picked up a purple Crayola in her native Venezuela that she wanted to be creative. She came here at age 15 when she was accepted at NYU. Her education was tragically interrupted a few years later when her father was killed. She decided to stay and make her contribution to society by finishing her education, graduating from Fordham University in NYC and becoming a US Citizen.

Like all of us here at the African American Museum of Art in Deland, FL she believes in the power of community through visual transformation and wants to continue to do this through her art and creative teaching. Although she can't get together with you personally through one of her workshops, she made this collection of 1000 mini-canvases with a personalized message with you in mind. Through them, you can help the nonprofit museum and community center we all share, continue its historical research-multicultural vision, and literary performing arts community center alive and well.

You can be part of the bigger movements for BLM and against the pandemic, loss of lives and all the negativity in the air in general at this time, at the same time feel uplifted by the positive message and your contribution.

Won’t you be a part of us? You can obtain your two-by-two message of peace original artwork canvas with your donation of $20 by contacting the museum website at: When you make your contribution, please send us your full name, mailing address and e-mail.

We hope that you can share Sarah’s positivity and do something that can make us all feel better by purchasing one or more for yourself, to give to friends and loved ones -- and better yet — to first respondents as a thank you gift. This will remind you and show everyone else of the message that you are contributing to keep an icon of the community alive and well and showing that you really care!

Please note that the artwork will be mailed after the exhibit opening on October 3rd online.

Deep Focus News along with the African American Museum of the Arts has chosen to continue displaying the Sarah Matthaei, exhibit due to the popular demand of her message of peace artwork.

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