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Community leader, Mr. Jessie Lee Corbitt, turns 100

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Mr. Jessie Lee Corbitt Celebrates 100 Years Of Life

Mr. Jessie Lee Corbitt Celebrated his 100th birthday on May 5, 2019,. The Corbitt family gathered at the Joe Piggotte Community Center located in South Daytona Beach Florida, on Saturday May 3,. Over 200 hundred friends and family members attended the celebration. Mr. Corbitt arrived in style riding in super stretch black Limousin with his kids. In attendance at the event was Volusia County Sheriff "Mike Chitwood" who presented Corbitt with two awards from the Sheriff's Department. Mr. Corbitt danced around in frontt of his table as he told the attendees I feel like I'm sixteen. The attendees gave Corbitt a standing ovation. Daytona Beach Commissioner Ruth Trager (Zone 1) along with Commissioner Danette Henry (Zone 5) presented Mr. Corbitt with the City of Daytona Beach Proclamation.

Mr. Corbitt is a retired Entrepreneur, a cab driver and the owner of the "Lucy Star Cabs" Company from 1946 - 1994. Corbitt spoke of his days as a cab driver. During segregation in the south blacks weren't allowed to go on beach side unless they were working over their. Corbitt could drive white passengers anywhere in the Daytona area but he couldn't park his cab over on beach side. He is a member of New St. James Missionary Baptist Church. in Daytona Beach. Mr. Corbitts wife, Catherine passed away in 2010. He has five children and many grandchildren.

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