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Vanishing Point Local Landmarks Disappearing, Masonic Lodge No. 36 /512 South Street, Daytona Beach

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Local landmarks have been neglected, thier maintenance and repairs ignored. One by one, these historical homes and business buildings, which once made up the landscape of old Daytona Beach, have become vacant trash cluttered lots.

Built in 1884, historic Fraternal Lodge No. 36 served as a gathering place for black men to discuss the current events of the day, and provided programs and services to the surrounding community. Over the years the lodge has been home to 10 other Masonic Orders. The main purpose of the lodge was to make good men better.

Instilling moral values and job skills regardless of one’s military, political or religious backgrounds allowed the Masons of Fraternal Lodge No. 36 to teach the importance of self-improvement, and that helping others is an obligation that makes a difference for the good of the world. It is currently one of the few black Masonic Lodges in Florida still operating as originally intended.

The two-story lodge is an example of Frame Vernacular architecture; the common wood frame construction techniques employed by lay or self-taught builders. The building has a rectangular plan and a hip roof with a hip dormer. The original wood shingles have been replaced with composition shingles.

The Masonic Lodge No. 36 had been red tagged by the City of Daytona Beach and scheduled for demolition. On May 30th 2019 the Historical Masonic Lodge No. 36 was torn down.

The Historical Legend of the Masonic Lodge No. 36 has been erased from the Florida "Black Heritage Trails" for ever.


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