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Local Music Academy Celebrates 5th Year With A Recital, Book And Non-Profit For The Arts

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Brejoya Smarr is the founder and director of Daytona Beach Music Academy. She began teaching private piano and voice lessons in 2007 and started my academy in 2014.  As a single mother of two preschoolers at the time, she was exhausted and the demands of being a high school Choir director were strenuous. In her business, she contacted a few private schools to offer music and traveled to students’ homes. As her enrollment increased, she was unable to travel anymore. Brejoya began teaching in her parent’s living room, at local music stores, and by 2016 - along with a dance teacher and photographer, Brejoya found a brick and mortar building. Now, she is the only one on the lease and we are celebrating our 5th year anniversary!

Brejoya's book, The Body of Art, Different Parts, One Mission.  This book is a compilation of memoirs from arts business owners and educators.  Along with this book, we are launching our non-profit, Arts Transforming Our Tomorrow Inc.  This non-profit’s mission is to provide scholarships and opportunities to disadvantaged families.  Our goal is to award at least 5-10 students to an art program of their choice (dance, music lessons, art camp etc.) in the Daytona Beach area. 

For every book sold, $5 will go directly to the non-profit.

For more information you can contact Brejoya Smarr at:

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