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Lil Mama's Kitchen, Located at 220 S Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Celebrates Four Years in Daytona

Lil Mamas Kitchen In Daytona Beach, Florida Serves Food For The Body And Soul

Lil Mama's Passion for food and cooking has always been with her since she was a little girl. Her grandmother motivated her to pursue her passion for cooking, because she inspired her, with her heart and soul, when it came to cooking the Thanksgiving dinners. Lil Mama ,made the decision to take her passion for cooking to the next level. She says, " food brings people together, people love to eat and have pleasant conversation while enjoying a great meal."

As Lil Mama grew older, she decided to move to Daytona Beach in 2012 to attend Daytona State College to pursue her degree in Culinary Arts. Lil Mama, made the Dean's List every semester she attended school, until her graduation in 2014. Lil Mama says," the name of her restaurant came about from her pastor." After graduation, Lil Mama had the opportunity to work in a number of local restaurants in Daytona Beach. That is where she honed her cooking skills, waitress skills, and learned how the back of the restaurant operates. Lil Mama says, "the experience she obtained while employed at other restaurants, taught her the managerial skills she needed to venture out on her own."

She decided to open her own restaurant at 200 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Daytona Beach, Florida. After speaking with her father, mother, uncle , and pastor of her church in Gainesville, Florida, she received the funding and support she needed from her family and church to help her get the restaurant up and running in October of 2015. This October of 2019 Lil Mama will celebrate four years being in business in Daytona Beach.

Lil Mama says, "God gave her the slogan of " Body and Soul " for the food she serves, because when people eat her food it touches their soul." A taste of 'Lil Mamas' soul food will cost you $12.00 for her fried fish, with side of fried okra, black eyed pies, and sweet potatoes and don't forget to ask about her homemade peach cobbler, or bread pudding for desert.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Daytona Beach is under construction, so please use the alternate route of directions provided to you by "Lil Mama".

From US 1 or North Ridgewood Ave. in Daytona Beach, travel west on International Speedway Blvd., instead of turning right onto Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, make a right onto Lincoln Street, you will then need to make a left turn onto Magnolia Street travel about fifty yards on Magnolia Street and "Lil Mamas Kitchen" will be on the right side of the street.

For more information you can call: 352-213 2195 "Lil Mamas Kitchen"

"Lil Mamas Kitchen" follow her on Instagram and Facebook@lil_mamas_kitchen

You can email her at:

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