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His Fight is My Fight Asthma Awareness Event held in Daytona Beach.

Kenya Wallace second row center stands with volunteers in front of a banner displaying a photo of her son Jayzeon Wallace.

Photos By: Duane C. Fernandez Sr. / Hardnotts Photography. LLC.

Kenya Wallace lost her son Jayzeon Wallace in January 2020 to asthma after he had an unexpected asthma attack at the age of 18. He was set to graduate from Mainland High in May of 2020. The His Fight is My Fight Celebration of Life for Jayzeon Wallace Asthma Awareness Walk and Festival took place from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, May 15, at Derbyshire Park, 849 Derbyshire Road, Daytona Beach. Asthma is a long term chronic health condition that affects the lungs and airways. It's a common health condition in the United States and around the world.

Ms. Wallace, a mother of four children and a kindergarten teacher, became inspired to create the event in memory of her late son Jayzeon Wallace, also known as Jazz. Wallace didn't know that people passed away from asthma. not a person that young. Ms. Wallace stated that the lost was hard for the family. He was her youngest son. Her oldest son, Rick Rumph, was effected the most by Jayzeon's passing. They were really close. "He was the last one to speak to him alive," Wallace said. She further said that his siblings are really hurting.

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