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Gun Fire Rang Out In Daytona Beach Florida This Week

Two vehicles crashed on Dr. Mary McLeod Boulevard on Tuesday as gunshots rang out.

On Monday, a man was shot in Daytona Beach. The shooting continued on Tuesday,with reports of more gun fire in Daytona. The Daytona Police Department received calls from citizens reporting gun fire on Mary McLeod Boulevard in Daytona. A man was shot and later died at Halifax Health Medical Center. Another women was shot also, during the shoot out, she survived.

The two victims were being chased by another car with three men in it. After crashing on Weaver Street and Mary McLeod Boulevard, the victims jumped out of the first car and ran. The second car involved in the chase had three men in it. The men jumped out of the car with masks on their faces brandishing assault rifles and a police foot pursuit ensued as they fired at the victims running away, shooting one of the victims in the back and the other in the ankle.

Police pulled over another car believed to be involved in the shooting spree over on Nova Road at the Taco Bell restaurant on in Daytona Beach. In total this week in Daytona Beach there were six shootings and a hi-speed chase by Police Officers stemming from the same incident.

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