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Dr. Daniel Hollar Presents "The Role of Trauma and Violence in Black Mental Health"

"The Role of Trauma and Violence in Black Mental Health"

Dr. Daniel L. Hollar (PhD, Clinical Psychology)

This presentation will review and investigate the impact of violence trauma and abuse on African American children and families. We will explore the historical antecedents of Black trauma in the West (Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade) and its influence on the emotional and psychological wellbeing of African Americans. The presentation will culminate with a discussion of empirically supported, culturally centered treatment approaches and strategies to reduce the risk of poor mental health outcomes including the reduction of suicide risk among Black youth.


  1. Define the Concept of MAAFA and the historical antecedents of violence and trauma/PTSS.

  2. Incidence and prevalence of violence, trauma and abuse for African American children.

  3. The result of violence and trauma on mental health.

  4. The role of Acculturation in Psychopathology.

  5. Review and discussion of culturally centered treatment applications.

  6. Discussion of recommendations and clinical strategies to reduce risk.

This event is free and open to all who are concerned with finding serious solutions to current problems facing Black America. Join us via Zoo


Daniel L. Hollar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor/Department Chair Department of Psychology College of Nursing and Health Sciences Bethune-Cookman University 640 Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Blvd. Lemerand Nursing Building, Rm L214 Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Office Phone: 386-481-2526 email:

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