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Daytona Beach Police Department, RUN – HIDE – FIGHT

Updated: May 20, 2019

In the last two decades mass shooting in America have been increasing. School shootings, church killings, and workplace killing continue to plague our communities across the country. The Daytona Beach Department ran the Run – Hide – Fight Active Shooter workshops in Daytona Beach during 2018.These workshops took place at local churches, schools, and the police department in town. The program was designed to educate the public in how to survive the invasion of an armed assailant.

Schools, churches, court houses, shopping malls, and work places are still targeted by gunmen looking to kill unarmed and innocent people today. The State of Florida has voted to arm teachers in classrooms, by introducing the Guardian Bill to the legislators in Tallahassee Florida. If the bill is passed teacher would half need to undergo 100 hours of firearms training and passing the training before they would be able to carry firearms in the classrooms.

Active Shooter Drill at Bethune Cookman University

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