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Daytona Beach Special High School Reunion Hosts 300 People

The Daytona Beach Special High School Reunion Committee.

It's estimated that over 300 people attended a special high school reunion on July 27, a hot summers day, in Cypress Park in Daytona Beach.

The event had no official name according to its committee members. It was dubbed on social media as "Gone but not forgotten" but mainly referred to on the day of the reunion as 'A Celebration: A Remembrance.' The event was a reunion for alumni of Mainland, Seabreeze, Spruce Creek and Father Lopez high schools to honor classmates who are now deceased. Alumni of the 1980's dominated the event. There were graduates attending from other graduating classes before 2010.  The Reunion  Committee members included: Lester Jones (Spruce Creek '85); Anthony White, (Mainland '85); Della Nelson (Mainland '85); Rosetta Bailey (Spruce Creek '84);, Aletha Baxter (Spruce Creek '84); Donna Gordon (Spruce Creek '85); Ophelia Fields (Mainland '85); Anthony White (Spruce Creek '84); and others. "It's a celebration of life and a remembrance for all our fallen classmates in all classes at all schools," said Rosetta Bailey. The reunion featured music, food, fun and a candlelight vigil moment for the classmates who are now gone. "It's a way for us to see each other instead of being at a funeral," said Bailey. Della Nelson added, "I've been to five funerals this year. This is good we all needed this." Most of those who attended wore their school colors or attire from their respective high schools. The plan is to make the reunion an annual event. Nelson added, "We have plans to make this a yearly event. We are working on dates for next year."

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