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City of Daytona Beach Host Community Development Forum at Hard Rock Hotel

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

The development arm of the City of Daytona Beach hosted the Community Development Forum at the Hard – Rock Hotel in Daytona on April 18, 2019.

Central Florida is the worst in the nation for affordable housing. Among the guest were low – income builders, developers and bankers, CEO of HACDB Ms.Terril Bates,

and Mr. Nathan Simms, also of HACDB were the host. Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry and Mr. Jim Chisholm, City Manager both spoke of the benefits of

investing in Daytona. Commissioner Kelvin Daniels presented two high school student who wrote essays on growing up in public housing with a Award Winner Certificates during the forum.

Guest Speaker, Mr. Joyours “Pete” Gamble educated the city and county dignitaries and investors on the benefits of investing in the City of Daytona Beach Florida.

The Housing Authority scheduled a site tour for the investors after their lunch at the Hard – Rock Hotel.

1. Windsor/ Maley:

Location: 524/600 S. Beach Street

2. Walnut Oak:

Location: 191 Dr. Martin Luther King Avenue

3. Progress Road and Oak Street

Location: 121 Norma Drive (Adjacent to property which is a vacant parcel)

4. Midtown 1 and 2

Location: 345 or 364 Keech Street

5. North wood Village 1:

Located: 1200 9th Street

6. Palmetto Park/ 729 Loomis:

Location: 450 Whitney Street (At the corner of Whitney Street and Loomis Avenue)

7. Caroline Village:

Location: 512 South Keech Street

8. Daytona Speedway:

Located: International Speedway Blvd

9. Business Park:

Location: Business Park Blvd (Adjacent property address is 1825 Business Park Blvd)

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