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Community and Economic Development Discussed at Florida Community Development Corporation Convention

Andreas Butler

Deep Focus News

Photo By Duane C. Fernandez Sr.

Community Development Corporations (CDC's) descended upon Daytona Beach to discuss economic and community development, during the Florida Alliance of Community Development Corporations 15th Annual Summit.

The event focused on Community Development Corporations, which are non-profit organizations that offer financial support to revitalize struggling communities. Many impoverished communities are often found in Black or Minority Communities. 

The CDC can obtain both public and private funding.

The organization also brought together nonprofits, entrepreneurs, developers, bankers, and other financial institutions for three days of education, discussions, sharing, fun and more.

Topics covered included affordable housing, entrepreneurship, non-profits, lending, banking, racial wealth gaps, the 2020 census, faith, racial equity, building a successful board of directors, economic development, the impact of technology and animation and more.

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