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Chef Counts Kingz teaches local youth the art of cooking

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Chef Counts, Jessica Foreman, and there son's Thomas James Foreman, and Counts Foreman share their culinary skills with local youth teaching them how to cook on a grill.

Chef Counts the Saute Kingz is well known in the community for his style of cooking. He has taken his knowledge and culinary skills into the community to teach youth in the Derbyshire neighborhood how to cook. This day, the recipes for the children to cook were tacos and smores. Chef Counts explained to the children how important it is to wash, clean, and trim the chicken before cooking it.

The kids prepped fruits, vegetables and chopped herbs including cilantro, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and limes. Chef Counts walked the kids outside where they then warmed their tortillas and cooked their chicken on the grill with his guidance. The class of seventeen is facilitated by Chef Counts, Thomas James Foreman, his wife Jessica Foreman, and his two sons Deshawn Thomas James Foreman, and Counts Foreman. 


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