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Attorney Hubert Grimes,P.L. has a winner in his "How to Keep Your Child from Going to Jail" book.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The, "How to Keep Your Child from Going to Jail" book illustrates in detail the steps needed for parents and adults to keep kids out of the court system. Former Judge Hubert Grimes uses his years of courtroom and life experience to create a framework for parents who want to steer their children away from such dire predictions. His no-nonsense prospective carries the reader through the various seasons and challenges of successfully raising children to maturity.

Along the way, he points out the challenges that threaten to derail parents and children from achieving their goal. He readily identifies the conduct which often leads to delinquents behavior and shares insights with parents which can preempt these problems before they arise. Former Judge Grimes had been a "trial" judge for over twenty years. During his last ten years on the bench, he specialized in family law matters and developed a solid reputation for fairness, wisdom, and commonsense solutions to the myriad of day-to-day problems he faced in his courtroom.

In, "How to Keep Your Child from Going to Jail" parents will appreciate the sacrifices of parenting before they become parents overcoming negative parent-child relationships. Parents will learn how to strengthen the self-esteem of their children while steering them away from jail and towards successful lives as adults.

"How to Keep Your Child from Going to Jail" can be purchased online at:

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