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Attendant Gets Pistol Whipped At The B.P. Gas Station in Daytona Beach on Derbyshire Road.

On Wednesday morning a cashier was approached by a robber brandishing a pistol at B.P. Gas Station in the Derbyshire area of Daytona Beach. The cashier refused to give money from the cash register and the robber and gun toting bandit jumped over the counter and pistol whipped the cashier.

Volusia County deputies reported that the robbery took place at around 1:35 a.m. at the BP gas station at 1094 Derbyshire Road, in Daytona Beach.

A bystander near the convenience store told the deputies that a man, later identified as the robber approached his car and offered him $10 to give him a ride to another location to buy drugs. The bystander drove the robber to the location. After arriving at the location the robber wanted the driver to sell drugs to him. When the suspect realized that the driver didn't have drugs to sell to him the suspect grabbed the money back from the driver and ran away.

According to deputies, the suspect then went into the B.P. station pretending to want to purchase a pack of cigarettes. After approaching the counter and asking the cashier for the merchandise, when the cashier turned around to retrieve the cigarettes, the suspect pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the cashier demanding money prior to pistol whipping the cashier.

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