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A Day At The Drag Races In Zone Five

Mason Avenue has become a drag strip for residents and non-residents of the Daytona community. With the opening of the Tanger Outlet Mall many people take the side streets like Heineman Street as a regular shortcut to avoid the traffic on Mason Ave. In doing so these side roads have become a drag strip for drivers who are in a hurry to get to their destination.

These drivers have such disregard for the residents of this community that they not only cause vehicle accidents, but some drivers drive off before the authorities arrive on the scene.

Recently a driver left a victim laying in the middle of the street and left the scene of the crime. These accidents are not isolated incidents. They're recurring incidents in this community. These acts of speeding and reckless driving endanger the neighborhood kids, and adults who may be walking or riding their bikes on the side of the street as there are no sidewalks. The community shouldn't have to wait until someone is hurt or killed in the neighborhood for the powers that be to address this critical issue.

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