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Surviving the Coronavirus from Wuhan China to America 3 Months After Quarantine

A discarded face mask on the curbside in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Daytona Beach, Florida has become a ghost town with many of the residents practicing social distance when their out and about. However, there are a few residents who aren't complying with the rules. The lack of respect for the community shows in the discarded face masks and gloves that are being thrown on the ground instead of using a trash can. This is occurring all around town.

It's been three months since Wuhan, China lifted the quarantine there. Lives have resumed in Wuhan, China with citizens going about their daily routines. The Chinese Government has enforced strict laws about being in public. Everyone must wear a protective mask or face fines.

Many people in America are facing with their worst fears when saying goodbye to their loved ones over the phone because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The reported death count has risen to over 44,564 in America and over 803,000 + cases of the virus, yet some Americans choose to ignore the warnings from the medical professional community and their local government officials.

Dr. Harvey Fineburg, the National Academy of Medicine President, warns that a second wave of the Coronavirus can hit like a bomb. "There is reason to believe that a second wave will hit America. It's not helpful for the protesters to attend these rallies, there are not practicing social distance by attending those protests," he said.

The Senate passed a new $484 Billion Coronavirus aid package yesterday; The House is expected to vote on the bill on Thursday.

In the state of Florida, 1,500,000 people have filed unemployment claims with only 40,139 claims being issued benefits.

MSNBC Breaking News Report.

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