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Mental Health First Aid Training with Dr. Hollar

Updated: May 5

Today, I'd like to proudly announces the successful completion of a intensive 3-day Mental Health First Aid Training for Trainers. Equipped with this certification, I am not only prepared to offer MHFA support but also to empower others through training in this vital area. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in the services provided by Daninger Solutions, Inc. 

which is commitment to becoming a Trauma-Informed Care Organization. As we continue to progress, we are dedicated to enhancing the health, wellness, and resilience of cherished community of citizens, first-responders and law enforcement officers.

Mental Health First Aid teaches the skills needed to recognize and respond to signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use challenges, as well as how to provide someone with initial support until they are connected with appropriate professional help.

Additionally, for those interested in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training or seeking further information. please contact Dr. Daniel L Hollar at 850-491-0274 or via email at

Dr. Hollar holds a PhD in clinical psychology and is a seasoned professional dedicated to providing comprehensive support and resources in the realm of mental health.

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