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Malcolm Bradley Founder Of The Gameroom Media Sits Down With Photojournalist Duane C. Fernandez Sr.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Duane C. Fernandez Sr. left and founder of Gameroom Media, Malcolm Bradley at The Elizabeth R. Burgess Pavilion.

Whether I’m Interviewing or just catching up to talk with my friend Duane Fernandez the conversation is always both informative and very inspiring. These are two main ingredients that I use to create content through my company GAMEROOM Media. Our recent interview in DeLand’s first black hospital did not disappoint, being my second interview with the famed photo journalist.

The first time was about an exhibit of photos capturing the protest, gatherings and funeral of the Tragic killing of Trayvon Martin. During this interview, I wanted to ask Duane Fernandez about his recent book on the Dozier Reform School and new documentary, “Fighting For Justice". The book covers more recent protest and killings of unarmed black men and women. I’ve always tried to use GAMEROOM as a vehicle tell stories to shine a light on local leaders doing extraordinary things in the community in areas such as business, politics, ministry and civil service.

My vision has continued to expand ever since adding another media venture called, "HBCU Excellence" which highlights and promotes successes specifically for the HBCU community and its alumni. Duane and myself both enjoy documenting and telling stories through a camera lens which is why I think we have so much respect for each other and we always look forward to working on projects together.

Malcolm Bradley

Founder/GAMEROOM Media/HBCU Excellence

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