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Hurricane Dorian Slowly Approaching Florida

Hurricane Dorian couldn't stop Daytona Beach residents from going to the beach.

The state of Florida has been preparing for hurricane Dorian to hit Florida. As residence in Volusia County stand in line to fill their ten sand bags per house hold other residents flood the local stores in Daytona Beach. Water , can goods batteries, flash lights, generators, boards for windows and other storm related supplies are cleaned off of the shelves in stores. The governor has declared the State of Florida, a state of emergency. Cur-fuses have been put in place for the protection and safety of the residence in Daytona Beach.

Many of the elderly and disable residents have gone to local shelters in the community for their safety. The local bridges that allow residents to go over to the beach are closed down when the winds reach 38, miles an hour. Central Florida is expected to get hit with rain and winds gust up to 70, to 80, miles and hour with power outages, and flooding in lower lined areas, Storm Dorian is moving very slow up the east coast of Florida ever media out in the country is reporting on this storm.

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