Dr. Delicia Haynes & Family First Health Center Provides Coronavirus Testing In Volusia County

Dr. Delicia Haynes Of Family First Health Center Provides Coronavirus Testing to Drive-Up Patients.

In the absence of Coronavirus drive-up testing in Volusia County, private doctors provide a needed but limited service.

Dr. Delicia Haynes, a family physician with Family First Health Center, provides drive-up Coronavirus testing in the parking lot of Family First Health Center for some of her members.  When members of Dr. Haynes' clinic called with fever, cough, recent travel history outside the US, and occupation in health care serving vulnerable populations, her office contacted the health department to arrange testing. However, because the persons of interest had not traveled to China, Iran, South Korea, Italy or Spain, they did not meet the current criteria for testing. She instructed her patients to self-quarantine for 14 days and was able to order a maximum of five test kits from a commercial lab. Dr. Haynes was unable to find personal protective equipment (PPE) from her usual vendors but in addition to providing primary care for individuals, she also provides care to several areas small businesses. Patients of hers from an insulation company donated N-95 masks and a dental office client donated protective gowns.  After procuring PPE for her staff, Dr. Haynes began offering drive-up Coronavirus testing to symptomatic members with occupations that put them at high risk of transmitting the disease to vulnerable populations. Five days later the tests Dr. Haynes performed came back negative and she is currently on a waiting list to receive more test kits. Family First Health Center is the area's first Direct Primary Care (DPC) office. Member-patients get prompt appointments, longer one on one time with the doctor, wholesale labs and telemedicine visits for an affordable flat monthly rate without co pays or insurance hassles. Because all of Dr. Haynes and her functional medicine partner Dr. Kirsten Kim's patients have access to telemedicine in their memberships, switching to offering more telemedicine visits was easier for them than for practices who rely on insurance payments. Currently, all of the Family First Health Center's services are for members only, but Dr. Haynes is considering extending telemedicine services to non-members with mild symptoms (fever and cough) to make sure the area emergency rooms remain available for patients with more severe symptoms including shortness of breath. Our mailing address is:

Family First Health Center

1898 S Clyde Morris Blvd Ste 360 Daytona Beach, FL 32119-1593

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