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Chef Count Foreman Honored at the NAACP 46th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Mr. Desmond Meade, President of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC) stands with Chef Count Forman the recipient of the NAACP Entrepreneurship Award

Food for thought and for the people that say you can't do the impossible... It is possible according to Chef Count Foreman. Chef Foreman, had a goal to bring gourmet dishes to his neighborhood. He wanted people to be able to get fresh ingredients cooked to order, at a location on the corner of Second Avenue and Keech Street. Chef Foreman had a vision to create his business, in spite of what the naysayers said. He didn't have money or loans. Chef Foreman also didn't have a degree, equipment or business partners willing to invest in the business.

With heart, vision, creativity and the support of his wife and children, Chef Foreman was able to build a successful customer, and client base. Customers and events include the King of the Grill, Taste of Jacksonville, Family Dayz, the Seafood Festival and the"Pasta Man". For the past 11 years, Chef Foreman has given back to the Daytona Beach community by mentoring young aspiring chefs. He provides advice and teaches hands on culinary skills to these young people thereby helping to create the next generation of master chefs. Chef Foreman is a award winning chef many times over and continues to forge forward with his culinary genius. Chef Foreman was honored at this year's NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Banquet.

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