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BLACK MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD: We are in a civil war.

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

"I was following the trial against Officer Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd when I heard there was another murder just a few miles away from the courthouse where the trial is taking place. That murder was of Duante Wright. The killer was a cop. The vicious cycle continues. These are my thoughts...

Dr. Daniel L.Hollar PhD, Clinical Psychology

BLACK MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD: We are in a civil war. In this civil war, the enemy doesn't wear Klan sheets or burn crosses, instead they wear civilian clothing and the uniforms of public servants. In this covert civil war things are still very civil. In this civil war you still go to work, the children to school. In this civil war you can still go grocery shopping, to a bar or club, be entertained; as well as bank, trade and conduct business with little to no disruption. In this civil war you can interact in public social spaces like sporting events, restaurants, etc., where you can remain integrated and participate in the normal tenets of a civilized society. All the while, in the midst of this civility, when Black men, women and children leave our home we are forced onto a battlefield. Some enter this field knowing the risks but most have no clue they are in a full-blown (little "c") civil war. Remember... though briefly, the confederate flag flew in the Capitol this year for the first time in history. Voting rights are being overtly restricted. Politicians are invoking the names of Jim Crow and Dredd Scott. We've been informed for more than 10 years that trained, armed white-race soldiers have infiltrated the police, law enforcement, FBI, and military of this country. They've already been in politics. Unarmed Black men, women and children who are civilians have been targeted and killed by trained police and their civilian white vigilante counterparts. The occurrences I mentioned should be a clear sign that a killing season is occurring. Don't get it twisted, as in all matters of war, this is a State funded and operated civil war. Yet, many remain confused in their doubt or hopeful in their delusion that "everything's gonna be alright" because someone else is going to rise up to solve our problem. In doubt and delusion. In both type of individuals exist an intense fear, driven by the subconscious mind's understanding of our reality and the realization of the time we are in. Black man, woman and child we are in a civil war. Not an overt big "C" Civil War but a war nonetheless. It is an undeclared, covert, little "c" civil War. Not in the sense of an internal family feud among ourselves. It is a civil war in the sense being between ourselves and the administrators operating this system of racism-white supremacy. The controllers of this system which through force and deception, exercise global white domination over the natural people, land, and resources of the earth. The record of this criminal system was documented by their own hand but has since been is covered by a facade and made to look like a legitimate system of laws and order. Actually, this uncorrupted and deliberate system is skillfully designed and maintained through fraternity, secrecy, loyalty and oaths which run contrary to the Constitution of this democratic republic. It is this system which has engaged us in civil war. One arm of this system of racism white supremacy is called the State. The State, whose not so hidden hand, plays both the perpetrator of injustice and seeker of justice through its many roles played out by its multiple avatars in the Justice system or court of law. It's not a matter of irony but of design as to how the State, which is responsible for the organized killings of unarmed Black men through the police they train, hire and employ; also plays the role of prosecutor and judge in the court should these matters make it into public awareness for scrutiny. Most do not. The protections or privileges provided by the State are not just for police, law enforcement, or officers; they are often extended to their white civilian counterparts, the militia and other pseudo-vigilante race soldiers who feel emboldened to take Black lives and matters into their own hands (as if they are our Gods). Black men, women and children. We are in a civil war. It is a State funded war that utilizes duplicity against an unarmed civilian element by way of a highly trained over-militarized police force, armed white vigilantes, confederate insurrectionists, lone-wolf assailants or race-soldier gangs against unarmed civilians: Black men, women and children. Black man, woman and child. We are in a civil war. Now is the time to act accordingly." -end. By

Dr. Daniel L Hollar

PhD, Clinical Psychology

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