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B-CU Dean Dr. Stephanie Pasley Henry & Son Present Keynote Address at 2020 National ESEA Conference

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

B-CU Dean Dr. Stephanie Pasley Henry and Son Derrick Henry Jr. Photo provided by the Henry Family.

Dr. Stephanie Pasley-Henry, Dean of B-CU’s College of Education, and her 7-year-old son Derrick Henry, Jr., will be presenting the opening keynote address at the 2020 National Elementary and Secondary Education Association (ESEA) Conference (formally known as the National Title I Conference). The conference will be held in Atlanta, GA., this February. Derrick will charm an audience of over 5,000 educators with a message entitled "ENGAGE US or ENRAGE US." He has also been requested to perform a poetic piece written by his mother, "The ABCs of Black History."  Dr. Pasley-Henry will captivate the audience with Derrick during a brief segment and share proven engagement strategies for school and home. The duo's two books, Engage Us or Enrage Us: Schools Make the Difference and The ABCs of Black History will be unveiled at the conferenceOther keynote speakers will include Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Rodney Robinson, and Kenneth Morris.

Derrick Henry, Jr. is a 2nd-grade student at Holly Hill K-8 School where he is a student leader. Dr. Pasley-Henry is also an educational entrepreneur and the creator of the award-winning programs, THE MATH PARTY: Sing! Dance! Exercise! Learn! © and THE READING PARTY: Fitness! Phonics! FUNdamentals! © The Honorable Derrick Henry, Sr., Mayor of Daytona Beach, Florida, is the father and husband of the presenters.

The National Elementary and Secondary Education Association is a membership organization made up of ESEA Program Administrators, and their staff from each of the states and territories, and is charged with managing state & federal education programs. The organization ensures compliance with federal regulations, but more importantly, works to see that all children — especially those living in economically disadvantaged conditions — have the opportunity to receive a high-quality education.

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